• Wood is no 1 material for garden furniture
  • Possibility to stop the swing with hooks on the side posts
  • Roof protects from burning sun and the rain
  • On hot days the wind travels throught, on cooler days is opportunity to set up the protecting walls
  • Set includes the floor and the roof, do not have to build seperately
  • Lasts longer than 20 years as the wood does not touch the ground
  • Does not need special storage for winter time
  • Possibility to assembly directly on the groud/grass area
  • Remmers HK-Lasur prodects the swing 4-5 years, no need to repaint it every year

The Captain’s Grill is a truly unique product and with patented design: it’s a grill house and swing in one. It’s the best place to feel yourself just like on the sea, enjoying the drinks and food, having great time with friends while the meat cooks on the grill.

The Captain's Grill is ingenious thanks to its simplicity – to get the swing moving, you need just to sit comfortably on the seat and push your legs lightly against the floor.

But the true spirit of the swings are the beautiful hammered works, which are practical on one hand but also creating a really special and cozy atmosphere:

The hammered consoles are used as part of the swing construction providing stability. The set also includes hammered caps to cover the bolt holes.

The movable grill holder makes the cooking easy and comfortable. Having thought to thirsty sailors there are bottle holders just within easy reach - above the benches.

A beautiful chandelier creates the cozy atmosphere. The chandelier has the stands for candles, a hook for oil lamp and a chain which enables to adjust the chandelier right to the wished height.

The hanging flower baskets please the eye, there is 4 of them: one to each corner.

And when the meal is ready or there is need to feel yourself again as on dry land, you can use the hooks to fix the swing.